Repetitive Energy receives support from Port of Milford Haven

Repetitive Energy 13 Oct,2017

The Port of Milford Haven has offered support to Welsh based Repetitive Energy to carry out their three year operation to develop their vertical axis tidal stream converter Smartstream ™ prototypes in Pembroke Dock.

Tim James, Director of Energy Development at the Port of Milford Haven, said “We are extremely pleased that Repetitive Energy are continuing their relationship with the Port of Milford Haven for the development of their prototypes. Their focus is closely aligned with our aims for the continued growth in Pembrokeshire’s marine energy industry, and the impact it will have on jobs and economic growth. As part of the Port’s diversification strategy, we will continue to work with the industry as it moves towards commercialisation.”

The Port is working in collaboration with UK and Welsh Government as part of the Swansea Bay City Region to deliver a strategic investment in to port and marine related infrastructure as part of the developing Swansea Bay City Deal.

Repetitive Energy also wish to utilise the network of testing areas proposed by Marine Energy Wales as part of the City Deal project.

Frank Moloney, CEO of Repetitive Energy, said “We are excited to be moving forward and nurturing our relationship with The Port of Milford Haven. Our working partnership gives us access to a unique site which will facilitate the evolvement of our technology Smartstream™ in a way not available to many developers around the world.

David Jones, Project Director of Marine Energy Wales commented, “Last month we received funding to develop our Marine Energy Test Area (META) project in the Haven Waterway and we are delighted that Repetitive Energy have already expressed an interest in using this site for the development of their project. META provides yet another incentive for developers to bring their projects to Wales and will aim to create jobs, encourage innovation, and help our local supply chain diversify into this new, low carbon sector.”

Repetitive Energy will grow within the cluster of marine energy developers already based in and around the Milford Haven waterway, joining Marine Power Systems, Wave-tricity, Wave Hub and Nova Innovation to drive the sector towards commercialisation from Pembroke Dock.

About Repetitive Energy Company

Repetitive Energy Company was founded in 2013 by Frank Moloney. Frank is the CEO of the company and it was his vision that has developed SmartStream™.

Smartstream ™ is a vertical axis turbine that is specifically designed to operate in water, rather than simply adapted from existing technology in other industries. The technology will work wherever there is an adequate flow of water in rivers, inland waterways and tidal streams. Designed to be modular and scalable even at full size, we have overcome all challenges, such as deployment barriers, faced by previous technologies. It will thrive in environments that pose a major challenge to many traditional technologies as low flow rates and shallow depths.
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