Our Technology


Our Technology


With a strong history of development and innovation in the renewable energy field, Repetitive Energy Company (REC) has developed a water-based turbine which is easier to deploy and maintain, repair and replace.

Introducing SmartStream


A scalable solution to harness the power of tides and rivers with a low environmental impact and simple deployment.

SmartStream has been designed and reimagined from the ground up and not adapted from any existing renewable energy sources. Its vertical and horizontal scalability and modular construction provides for optimum flexibility.

It is easy and affordable to transport, locate and deploy with minimal impact on marine environments and fish stocks and low maintenance given its simple drivetrain mechanism and no specialist components. There are also no costly infrastructure requirements.

SmartStream is unique


SmartStreams unique patented turbine is self-starting, omni-directional, immune to water turbulence and designed to work in flows from 1.2m/s up to 5m/s.

Water is 800 times the density of air and this can create issues for most air designed adapted technologies in a marine environment but SmartStreams turbine blades are specifically designed for water application and pierce the surface without breaking up.

Unlike traditional such devices, SmartStreams vertical axis turbine will also work in slower and shallower flows extending the range of environments in which it can operate.