Our Partners

With a strong history of development in tidal stream turbines, Repetitive Energy Company (REC) has confirmed itself as an innovator in the deployment of power generators in a tidal array or farm.Since 2008 our employees have succeeded in all aspects of research and development in our projects. REC continues to work closely with Cardiff School of Engineering testing the tidal stream turbines in their Hydraulics laboratories. When testing specific areas we have used a large bi-directional hydraulic flume receiving an extensive library of flow data (using Vectrino ADV) to ensure product development and design optimisation.

In 2013 REC underwent a week of testing REPEN for the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER) in Boulogne-sure-mer, France. Testing in a world class facility enabled us to improve confidence in mechanical power take off systems.

Within the summer of 2014 REC worked diligently with Ogeechee River in Georgia, USA where performance testing occurred during the spring tide. REPEN was suspended below a specially adapted pontoon boat enabling us to see how it worked within a real environment.

More recently, REC has worked with Cardiff International White Water to validate the system’s efficiency values by carrying out full system testing; generating electricity and unblocked testing. In September 2015 we developed a positive relationship with an independent test centre, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC).

There are several projects planned for REC over the next few years taking place in North Devon and the coast of Anglesey where we plan to undergo a full system open water marine test.

As well as these generous investments we have established relationships with many potential supply chain partners, all of whom have proven track records in their own fields having already worked with us. We are also fortunate to have the full support of Milford Haven Port Authority to help us install and test our next three stages of fifth, half and full scale devices.