Our Advantages

SmartSteams is an unique and patented turbine for generating hydro-generated electricity. SmartStream provides a very attractive proposition for all hydro electricity applications whether it’s run-in-river or a localised provision for remote off grid locations having a localised water flow source. It’s robust modular design specific to water flow applications and its low cost build, deployment and running costs, relative to traditional methods, makes it the ideal system to chose for all hydro-generated electricity applications.

Why Us

  • Can be deployed where traditional turbines cannot operate
  • Unique as its self-starting, omni-directional and immune to water turbulence
  • Scalable and flexible to meet any waterway
  • Designed to work in flows from 1.2m/s up to 5m/s
  • Low-cost construction and simple to deploy
  • Low maintenance
  • Effective in shallow turbulent flows
  • Variable layout arrangements
  • Operation efficiency comparable to more expensive traditional horizontal axis turbines
  • Simple drivetrain, modular design and no specialist parts

SmartStream offers many benefits:

Run-in-river applications providing:
  • Cheaper power plant due to lower infrastructure requirements
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Relatively low cost maintenance
  • Low environmental impact compared to other hydroelectric schemes.
  • Very high-capacity factor of between 65% and 90% compared to traditional methods generating much less.
  • Huge market potential to provide affordable power generation


Localised provision of hydro-generated electricity for off grid:

Given access to a localised water flow source then SmartStream offers a practical, quick and affordable solution to providing power for:

  • Indigenous communities
  • Agriculture
  • Relatively low cost maintenance
  • Remote settlements
  • Environmental research and healthcare facilities