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The company’s aim is to build and test the technology and subsequently sell the turbines to customers around the globe. The marketing strategy is to focus on sales in developing countries, particularly in Africa, Asia and South America.


SmartStream is a vertical axis turbine, is not adapted from other environments, but is specifically designed to operate in water. The technology will work wherever there is an adequate flow of water in rivers, inland waterways and tidal stream. It will work in environments such as slower flows and shallower depths that are a major challenge to many traditional technologies.
The technology will also work in conjunction with tidal lagoons (Swansea Bay), barrages (Severn) and hydro dams to further enhance their power outputs and help reduce some of the negative environmental side effects created by their outflows.

Approach & Differentiation

SmartStream has been developed to overcome some of the problems experienced by existing turbines and optimise the generation of electricity to delivering a competitive Cost of Energy.

The technology development approach has been to maintain a simple, robust solution and, where possible, integrate existing proven technology to minimise risk and increase efficiency.
To constantly de-risk the technology REC has systematically worked through Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) designed to avoid any significant unanticipated outcomes as a new technology progresses from stage to stage.
The turbine has evolved through a rigorous testing program and a fully integrated device has been successfully tested and validated. The fundamental design with a little refinement is suitable for deployment in rivers and inland waterways.

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