Powering energy from flowing water

The only turbine to work in any waterway

SmartStream is a modular, scalable, turbine cell specifically designed for water

A unique and patented design for generating hydro electricity. SmartStream can be positioned in any flowing water environment to produce energy, whether that’s an industrial setting, a hydrodam, a tidal location, or river

Its robust, modular design is specific to water-flow. With its low cost build, deployment and running costs, and innate sustainability, it becomes the ideal system to choose for anything from waste water power generation all the way to localised provision for remote off-grid locations


Immune to water turbulence


Location agnostic
Operates in a range of flows


Easy to deploy
High efficiency
Low maintenance
Minimal infrastructure


Suitable for all water environment
Minimal wastage of parts
Recycled and recyclable

Revolutionising local energy

Given access to any localised water flow source, SmartStream offers a practical, quick and affordable solution to providing green power for off-grid communities and businesses

  • Remotely locations
  • Businesses relying on generators¬†
  • Remote settlements & communities
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental research and healthcare facilities

SmartStream provides

  • Cheaper power plant due to lower infrastructure requirements
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Relatively low cost construction and maintenance
  • Low environmental impact compared to other hydroelectric schemes
  • Very high-capacity factor of between 65% and 90% compared to traditional methods generating much less
  • Huge market potential to provide affordable power generation

Our contribution towards a cleaner planet

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