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Smartstream harnesses the energy that exists within nature. Using innovative technology, the Smartstream turbine’s 100% recyclable construction deliverers exceptional performance in some of the most challenging environments

Repetitive Energy

Repetitive Energy was formed in 2013 with the purpose of creating a river turbine that was low cost, simple to manufacture and easy to deploy.

The company comprises a small team of leading industry professionals who are committed to creating a new form of power generation technology that overcomes historical challenges and makes a positive contribution to renewable power generation.

After extensive testing of prototype turbines, Smartstream was born. Smartstream is a fully patented technology that overcomes barriers faced by other forms of hydrokinetic generation and is set to disrupt the industry.

This revolutionary new approach can bring much needed power to remote communities or to locations where there is energy poverty.

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Smartstream is an innovative new technology that harnesses the natural power contained within water.

The turbine has been developed to operate in some of the most challenging waterways and can be deployed in existing hydroelectric stations, rivers, streams and tidal areas.

The turbine is easy to deploy and requires a minimal amount of civil infrastructure. It’s low cost construction a high rate of return sets Smartstream apart from other forms of hydro kinetic generation.

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Why choose Smartstream?


  • Self-starting technology
  • Omnidirectional
  • Immune to water turbulence
  • Operates partially or fully submerged
  • Designed for water flows of up to 5m/s
  • High efficiency
  • Simple and low cost construction
  • Scaled to fit any waterway
  • Easy to deploy
  • Requires minimal civil infrastructure
  • Low maintenance
  • High Internal Rate of Return
  • 100% recyclable
  • Produces renewable electricity
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Our Technology


With a strong history of development and innovation in the renewable energy field, Repetitive Energy Company (REC) has developed a water-based turbine which is easier to deploy and maintain, repair and replace.

Unlike traditional water-based devices, the Vertical Axis Turbine will work in slower and shallower flows extending the range of environments that it could work in. The development of our technology is aligned closely with that of proven devices, but have a lesser risk of downtime and lower O&M than those already on the market.

After seven years of extensive research, REC has completed a critical stage in the development of our tidal stream turbine intended for deployment in a tidal array. As well as being fully scalable, it is capable of micro-generation for power storage and direct power production from various different waterways, reaching anything from 5Kw to 1/2MW depending on flows, device size and gearing.

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EU Climate Law tabled to achieve 2050 target

Reviews of Renewable Energy Directive, EU-ETS and other directives will occur to ensure target is met.