Our Technology

Our Technology

With a strong history of development and innovation in the renewable energy field, Repetitive Energy Company (REC) has developed a water-based turbine which is easier to deploy and maintain, repair and replace. Unlike traditional water-based devices, the Vertical Axis Turbine will work in slower and shallower flows extending the range of environments that it could work in. The development of our technology is aligned closely with that of proven devices, but have a lesser risk of downtime and lower O&M than those already on the market.

After seven years of extensive research, REC has completed a critical stage in the development of our tidal stream turbine intended for deployment in a tidal array. As well as being fully scalable, it is capable of micro-generation for power storage and direct power production from various different waterways, reaching anything from 5Kw to 1/2MW depending on flows, device size and gearing.


Current Position

After an extensive period of fundamental research and development, we are currently building a range of different size Vertical Axis Turbines for deploying in multiple environments.

Through extensive testing in the past seven years, REC has formed close relationships with independent test centres and specialists across the UK. We are currently in discussion with various potential technology partners and funders to enable us to move forward in the development of our products.

To accelerate the programme, we are looking to form further relationships with symbiotic engineering and technology partners to join us in the next exciting stages of our vision. We are also looking to identify locations worldwide for the deployment of our devices.